Creating EU Villages

Creating EU Villages is a small-scale partnership in youth project within the Erasmus+ Programme

This 21 months project runs between the 12th of March 2023 and the 11th of November 2024. It includes 3 partners (Austria, Hungary and Italy) and coordinated by the Austrian Association for Cultural Relations (Austria). The target group of the project is the youth interested in bringing change to local community (between 18 and 30 years old).



Creating EU Villages aims to bring more opportunities and European values into remote areas which used to be left behind when it comes to youth work. Rural youth will be empowered to create their own youth clubs to gather and run activities, as well as youth-led info desks to support their peers and raise overall participation. Those working with rural youngsters will receive useful tools to successfully reach their target group and their communities will benefit from increased opportunities.


We will conduct a research among rural youth, youth workers and institutions in order to explore the particular difficulties they face. The outcomes will feed a Guide with concrete guidelines for youngsters on how to create a youth club or info desk and how to manage it, as well as on how to raise their participation.
We’ll run local seminars, webinars and round-tables, increasing the youngsters’ know-how and connections to local stakeholders. Good practices will be shared during final seminar.


We expect to gather the voices of rural youth and those working with them, subsequently understanding their struggles and being able to create a comprehensive Guide which will empower many youngsters to create their own info desks and youth clubs and improve youth workers’ approach to the needs of rural youth. The implementation of the project will boost rural youth’s participation, connection to local stakeholders and NGOs as well as the visibility of the obstacles they face.