One of the priorities of the International Alliance for Cultural Relations is to create a knowledge basis in the field of cultural relations that is accessible without restrictions. In order to fulfil this aim, the IACR supports and distributes scientific publications written by professionals and experts of various disciplines connected to cultural and international relations. Supported by its member organisations, the Alliance collects books, essays and other academic papers in its online library where all content can be downloaded free of charge.

Cultural Relations and Beyond is an initiative of the International Alliance for Cultural Relations (IACR). Launched in 2021, its mission is to provide opportunity for researchers, professionals and cultural relations practitioners to present their works on various topics within and beyond cultural relations. Each issue presents one essay written by an author or a team of authors with the aforementioned backgrounds. The content of the essay serial is peer-reviewed by the fellows of the IACR member organisations and published in cooperation with the Institute for Cultural Relations Policy.