Transform Youth Ambitions

Transform Youth Ambitions is a combined action of an empowerment forum and a skill-building session organised in Budapest within the Creating EU Villages Erasmus+ small-scale youth project. The activities of the events include presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions to support participants to transform their ambitions into real actions.

1st event – Empowerment Forum: resources and toolkits for starting and running a youth organisation

Participate in the presentation of Creating EU Villages Guide – a manual on establishing youth and civil society organisation in Hungary and Europe. Understand why and how to create a youth organisation. Learn about opportunities for civil society organisations. Hear real stories and good practices as outcomes of the Creating EU Villages projects. Meet the people who created their own organisations and get engaged with them.

Date: 26 August 2024, 5-8pm | Venue: TBA, Budapest

2nd event – Skill-building session: Skill-building for youth leaders

Learn the basics of proposal writing. Get informed about EU and regional grant opportunities. Learn how to find local and international partners for your project. Understand the main concepts of EU youth project management. Understand the mechanisms of fundraising and how to grow your organisation.

Date: 27 August 2024, 5-8pm | Venue: TBA, Budapest



Benefits of attending

  • To get more knowledge about organisation management and project writing
  • A chance to promote your idea or organisation
  • Opportunity to meet like-minded people and network with them
  • Get in touch with experienced people and professionals
  • Be the first to get the CEUV Guide and suggestions and have your questions answered by experts

Attending the English language events is free of charge, however registration is mandatory.