The members of the International Alliance for Cultural Relations are civil society organisations, companies and non-profit or non-governmental organisations focusing on cultural relations or carry on activities related to the scope of IACR. The Alliance comprises of full members and observers. IACR is open for membership to any organisations active in the field of cultural relations. The member organisations are partnering in numerous international projects in the field of education, cultural relations, international relations, human rights, sustainability, mental well-being among many others. The member associations and foundations are open for new partnership within international cooperation and grant schemes.

To access the organisational profiles of the members click on the Partner Identification Forms below:

🇦🇱 Albania | 360 ͦ  Youth Policy and Integration

🇦🇲 Armenia | Armenian Centre for Cultural Relations and Development

🇦🇹 ​Austria | Verein für Kulturelle Beziehungen Österreich (Association for Cultural Relations)

🇫🇮 Finland | Association for Cultural Relations

🇫🇷 France | Association des Relations Culturelles (Association for Cultural Relations)

🇬🇪 Georgia | Georgian Association for Cultural Relations

🇭🇺 Hungary | EMINA Palyaorientacios Alapitvany (EMINA Career Guidance Foundation)

🇭🇺 Hungary | Kulturalis Kapcsolatokert Alapitvany (Institute for Cultural Relations Policy)

🇭🇺 Hungary | Nemzetközi Kulturális Kapcsolatokért Szövetség (International Alliance for Cultural Relations)

🇱🇧 Lebanon | ARISS Cultural Relations Society of Lebanon

🇲🇱 Mali | Institut Des Relations Culturelles et Politiques (Institute for Cultural and Political relations)

🇷🇴 Romania | Asociatia Greenhope Group (Greenhope Group Association)

🇷🇴 Romania | Asociatia pentru Relatii Culturale (Association for Cultural Relations)

🇸🇰 Slovakia | ADEL Slovakia

🇸🇰 Slovakia | Medzinárodné a kultúrne vzťahy SLOVÁKOM, o.z. (International and Cultural Relations SLOVAKOM, n.o.)

🇸🇪 Sweden | Swedish Association for Cultural Relations

🇵🇰 Pakistan | Institute for Cultural Relations and Youth Development Pakistan

🇹🇷 Turkey | Eğitim, Kültür, İş Birliği ve Projelendirme Derneği (Education, Culture, Cooperation and Project Planning Association)

🇹🇷 Turkey | Cultural Relations Society

🇺🇦 Ukraine | Громадська організація “Вперед заради майбутнього” (Forward for Future)

🇺🇦 Ukraine | Громадська організація “Український інститут культурних відносин” (Ukrainian Institute for Cultural Relations Policy)