Do something great!

Do something great! is a meeting with maximum 2×10 selected participants on 29 June 2023 in Budapest and is part of the Creating EU Villages small-scale Erasmus+ partnership for youth project. The programme consist of a needs assessment, focus group questions and individual interviews. Based on the needs and ideas of participants a guide on creating youth organisation will be created and presented later within the project. This guide will also contain useful information about creating proposal and organisational opportunities for young people. The event is part of a training package consisting of a webinar, a seminar and a workshop between April-September next year. The package also includes individual guidance for event planning, management, establishment of a civil society organisation, practical matters and much more…

The activities of the event include presentations, discussions and Q&A sessions to support participants expressing their needs and share their ideas. The event also serves as a networking opportunity and a first step for further cooperation among newly created civil society organisations focusing on youth in Hungary.

Date: 29 June 2023, 2pm | Venue: Harmonia Palace, Budapest


András Lorincz (International Alliance for Cultural Relations, EMINA Career Guidance Foundation)
Ediie Shabanova (Institute for Cultural Relations Policy)

Benefits of attending

  • Get assistance to create a youth club and implementing your project ideas
  • Get tools for establishing your own organisation
  • Learn how to get funds for your local or international activity

Attending the English language events is free of charge, however registration is mandatory.