Youth projects

One of the main priorities of the International Alliance for Cultural Relations is to organise events aimed at strengthening cooperation and to organise educational and professional presentations and practical exchange of experiences. In order to fulfil this aim, the IACR supports and implements various activities that are funded by its member organisations or by international grants. The member organisations of the Alliance have long experience in writing, applying and implementing numerous large-scale projects effecting different communities locally and on the international level. This experience and know-how had been transferred and being utilised in the work of the Alliance which makes it possible to build a substantial basis for further development and to create opportunities for individuals and organisations to benefit from our research, educational and youth projects.

Short-term projects | The most common European educational projects are the short-term activities designed for the youth and professionals working with young people. These mobility programmes involve international partners and directly targeting a smaller number of participants. The programmes include networking meetings for representatives of organisations active in the field of education, youth and related spheres, training opportunities for professionals working with young people and also youth exchanges for the age group of 13-30.

Long-term projects | A wide range of professionalised programmes offer opportunities for European and international youth workers, organisation staff, educators, trainers, facilitators and other professionals in order to develop personal competences, organisational capacities, exchange of ideas and to implement mobility programmes internationally and local activities all around the world.