The Alliance

The International Alliance for Cultural Relations was founded in 2020 with the aim to establish a particular international network that represents the interests of its member organisations and coordinates their actions as well as to serve as a permanent international forum and platform for disseminating research and presenting practical actions within the field of cultural relations.

“United for strengthening cultural relations globally”

The members of the Alliance accept and apply a unique approach to international relations. The member organisations of the IACR believe that cultural relations policy will be a key factor in international relations in the 21st century. Dialogue of civilizations and cultural diplomacy can serve as new tools in intercultural relations. As international role of sub-national regions emerging, identity politics become more relevant. The members of IACR are aware that identity preservation is an aim and instrument at the same time. We believe it serves international peace and stability in the future. Cultural relations policy takes sub national entities into account therefore it contributes to support peaceful patterns of international relations.

Members of the Alliance are civil society organisations, companies and non-profit or non-governmental organisations which focusing on cultural relations or carry on activities related to the scope of IACR.

The Alliance comprises of full members and observers. IACR is open for membership to any organisations active in the field of cultural relations.

“United for strengthening cultural relations globally”

The Alliance is responsible for:

  • Exploring resources and opportunities desired for achieving its aims;
  • Organising events aimed at strengthening cooperation;
  • Organising of educational and professional presentations and practical exchange of experiences;
  • Maintaining connections with federations, networks, institutions and organisations having similar scope;
  • Representing and presenting its mission, vision, aims and achievements in economic, civic and academic forums of international institutions and organisations.

The scope of activities of the Alliance in accordance with its aims:

  • To create and maintain an online platform in order to facilitate communication and efficient cooperation among member organisations;
  • To create and maintain an online database and collection that serves as an archive in order to publish research results and project outcomes, thus fostering visibility and accessibility;
  • To publish and catalogue publications on the website of the Alliance, to support publication of periodicals and monographs;
  • To organise formal and non-formal educational and cultural activities on national and internation level;
  • To support research and academic activities within the field of cultural relations;
  • To create and maintain permanent and ad hoc non-partisan forums that serve as a platform for exchanging ideas and opinions with the participation of decision-makers, diplomats, future leaders and young intellectuals;
  • To organise international conferences, meetings, seminars, lectures and trainings in accordance with the general aims of the Alliance;
  • To foster equal opportunities for people and groups with with fewer opportunities in accordance with the scope of activities.