Youth Changemakers

Youth Changemakers is a small-scale partnership of Youth Education project within the Erasmus+ Programme

This one year project starts between the 1st of November 2021 and the 28th of February 2022. It includes 4 partners (Bulgaria, Hungary, Northern Macedonia and Poland) and coordinated by Fundacja Wyobraź sobie (Poland). The target group of the project is the youth interested in bringing change to local community (between 18 and 30 years old).



1. Mobility – Changemaker Course 1.

7 days (including travel) mobility for 24 youth – (6 participants per country) people between 18 and 30 years old (6 per each partner country).

Aim of the mobility:

  • introducing the idea of changemaking
  • getting to know inspiring stories of changemakers from all over the world (based on ExChange The World idea, within which Anna Książek and Andrea Pucci travelled around the world looking for stories of changemakers)
  • developing changemaking skills (teamwork, empathy, communication, leadership, etc.)
  • planning social projects to implement in local communities


2. Implementation of local projects

Participants of the Changemaker Course will have 5 months to implement social projects for local community they planned during the course. They will be supported by local partner organization in the form decided by participants and organization. During these 5 months we will meet as organizations’ staff once a month to exchange practices connected to supporting young people and volunteers in their actions. We will discuss common problems, we also have some budget to invite expert/supervisor if needed.


3. Mobility – Changemaker Course 2.

7 days (including travel) mobility for 24 youth (6 per each partner country), ideally the same as participants of first mobility.

Aim of the mobility:

  • evaluation of projects implemented in local communities
  • learn how to promote our social projects and involve more people: collaborate with media + introduction to public speaking
  • learn how to look for allies and build lasting relation with them
  • learn how to get resources for social projects
  • introduction to social entrepreneurship – could our social project idea become a social business one day?


4. Preparing online Changemaker Course 

Based on two mobilities we will prepare an online version of Changemaker Course to be used also after our project.